Thursday, September 30, 2010

Collard Green Kolambu(Keerai kolambu)

Collard greens is a rich source of iron content which is a substitute to the murangakai keerai we get back in India. Yes it also tastes the same. Drumstick used to be one of my favorite back in india… every Saturday we used to have this keerai . Was missing it a lot only then my sis introduced this greens to me. I had made stir in these greens many times but this curry has become one my hubby’s favorite  and mine too :).. Just love to have this with rice and some appalam or vadagam

1.      Collard Greens     – 1 bunch
2.      Onions                 –  1 chopped
3.      Green chili            - 3
4.      Chilly powder       - 1 spoon
5.      Grated Coconut           - 1 cup
6.      Salt as per taste

How to make it :

1.       Wash,cut the collard greens with onions, slit green chillies, chilli powder , turmeric and salt with some water.
2.      Then grind coconut with little water and add this to the greens once it is cooked well.
3.      Then take a kadai and add the tempering to the greens as per ur taste.
4.      Enjoy this with hot rice and appalam.

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