Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fruit Custard

               Custards are one of the most easiest and tastiest Indian desserts. You can add fruits to it and make it a fruit custard.So simple as it sounds. Make sure the fruits you add does not ooze out water and make the custard more watery.When you choose to add bananas , remember .. add them at the last when you are ready to serve.
  1. Milk - 500 ml
  2. Custard Powder - 3 spoons
  3. Whipped cream
  4. Sugar - 2 cups
  5. Saffron 
  6. Bananas,Strawberries,grapes,kiwi and Apple
  7. Any fruit of you choice.
How to make it :
  1. Boil milk in a crock pot and sugar and stir it occasionally.
  2. Add the custard powder and and the saffron and let it boil.
  3. Let it thicken until it becomes half of it. Make sure the milk doesn't get burnt.
  4. Allow it to cool and mix the cream and leave refrigerate it so that i settles well.
  5. Add the fruits little before you are ready to serve it. Make a wonderful dessert.


  1. The pic looks wonderfull!!! nee senjatha illa web la irunthu eduthatha??

  2. Thanks... naan senjadhuthan :)... ha ha :)