Monday, November 1, 2010

Rava Laddu

1.      Fine Rava/Soojii   - 2 cups
2.      Sugar  - 2 cups
3.      Ghee – 30 gms
4.      Milk – 30 ml (As required)
5.      Cardamom powder – pinch
6.      Raisins  - 20
7.      Cashews - 20

How to make it :

  1. Take a pan and add 2 spoons of ghee and roast the cashews until light brown and also roast the raisins until they puff up and keep them aside
  2. Now add the remaining ghee and roast the rava/soojii until a nice aroma comes. Make sure you do not burn the rava.
  3. Transfer this into a big bowl and add the cardamom and the nuts and sugar and mix well.
  4. Then add milk as required so that it is in a consistency to make perfect balls. Don’t add too much or too little.
  5. You can also transfer the above mix to the kadai and cook it for 2 mins in low flame, but I didn’t do that as my consistency was good for making  the ladoo.
  6. Make the laddoo  and let them dry for some time and then store it in a container and put it in the refrigerator

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