Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tofu Curry

 I really wanted to post this Tofu gravy the first time i made it, but was too lasy to take potos ;).. Its time now for this mouth watering dish to get into my blog :). Tofu is a very good substitute for vegetarians :), highly nutritious. 

  1. Extra firm Tofu - 10-15 pieces (cubed)
  2. Onions - 1 large
  3. Tomatoes - 2 medium
  4. Bell pepper - 1 (It adds lots of flavour)
  5. Coriander Power - 11/2 spoon
  6. Garam masala - 1/2 spoon
  7. Coconut milk - 1 or 2 spoons (optional )
  8. Chilly powder - 1 spoon
  9. Ginger Garlic paste  - 1 spoon
  10. Cilantro 
  11. Salt 
  12. Seasoning  - Cloves,Bay leaf,Cinnamon 
  13. Soy sauce - 1 spoon
How to make it:
  1. Take the pan and add oil to it. Add the seasoning stuff and sauté it. Then add thinly sliced onions. Let it fry for a minute then ginger garlic paste and add the cubed Tofu in the pan. Let the tofu get fried till it becomes golden brown on all sides. 
  2. Now add the bell pepper and let it fry for sometimes. Make sure its crunchy!!
  3. Now add all the masalas into it - coriander powder,chilly powder,garam masala,turmeric powder,salt and let it fry for 2-3 minutes. 
  4. Now add the tomatoes and little soy sauce and water as necessary and let it cook until the raw smell goes off. make sure you don't break the tofu pieces.
  5. Now garnish with Cilantro and serve hot with Chappathis or Tortillas. Enjoy!!

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